“Rings Three”

“Necklace three”

In the new collection “Three” Spring-Summer 2018, Roman Lazar emphasized the stones cut under his creative direction. The jeweler collects mineral rocks in their natural form and experiments with cuts that will be able to emphasize the beauty of the texture and shades of stones. In the new season presents the results.
“I love the natural stone, and I can admire the play of color, inclusions and impregnations endlessly. Jasper in the new collection, for example, – the perfect shade of khaki, which is diluted with blotches of light-playing orange and white opal. Radiant impregnations of rutile in quartz, called “hairy”, create a whole ornament that can resemble fireworks, frosty patterns and weaving at the same time, “says Roman Lazar.

The new collection uses more than 50 minerals – pale blue topaz and peach topaz of Ukrainian deposits, lime fluorite, smoky quartz or quartz with impregnations in the form of hairs (rutile or rutile quartz), violet amethyst, garnet, smoky quartz, yellow citrine, opaque stones – Jasper shades of khaki and lapis lazuli blue Yves Klein. Burgundy – green zoisite, bronzite – the color of golden rainbow chocolate, black and pink rhodonite, turquoise white amazonite, iridescent labrador, jewish stone, jadeite, malachite, blue sapphire, black and turquoise chrysocolla, etc.

The forms of jewelry in the new collection are traditional: earrings-studs, a ring with three stones on high carps and a necklace with three inserts of stones. Types of faceting of stones – classical: rectangular “emerald”, round “diamond”, triangular “trilliant”. Jewelry exists in three sizes: large, medium, small. (The number of forms defined the name of the collection “Three”).
This choice is not accidental: the designer used the customary not avant-garde jewelry to attract attention to the stone. “I did not work on the design of jewelry, but on a stone – choosing a cut for a mineral at once, and then collecting color combinations for each product from them. This is what makes it possible to assert that each product is special: under one form it is possible to select completely different stones, “says the jeweler.

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