Earrings “Half moon”.

Brooch-choker transformer.

Pendant-choker circle.

Pendant – transformer “Star”.

The pendant “Constellation”.

Rings “Palette of the universe”.

Cuff links “Constellations”.

Rings and earrings “Constellations”.

The collection “Startrek” unites the themes of space, the universe and the universe.

The collection is represented by earrings for months, rings revealing the beauty of the natural mineral and paintings, imprinted with tectonic processes of the bowels – the basis of all cosmic bodies. The process of the birth of the world and the processes associated with this are themselves the hardened pictures of nature. That is why the design of the rings, logically named “Palette of the Universe”, is minimal, it is almost absent, but it is part of the universe. – the limit of dreams, on your arm or earrings. And you have it so unique in the world!

Chokers-transformers “Shine” become brooches that twist on any fabric!

They are complemented by 11 millimeter choker choker and “Stars” irregular shape, which has become a classic.

Pendants, rings and earrings, “Constellations” regular collection presented in different color combinations of minerals.

Separately, I pleased the men with bright cufflinks, in which the diamond “Constellations” are enclosed in the most widespread form of space – a circle with multicolored stones in bright colored enamels will prolong your life with a cheerful mood.

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