Earrings “Cannes palm shoots”

Earrings “Cannes palm branches”

Ring “palm branch”

“Cannes palm” Earrings

Earrings “Monsters”

Pink Flamingo Earrings

Necklace “3 leaves”

Bracelet and Earrings “Washingtonia”

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You can buy jewelries from the new collection with 30% discount after making pre-order.

Time of the offer is limited (available for one month only).

Then all jewelries will be available at the established price. Being in stock the jewelries will be sent immediately.

You need to send your mobile number and we will call you back.

Pre-order is the transfer of whole cost to the Privat Bank Card, percent included. Or in any other comfortable for you way, or write on Instagram @romanlazar


The cost of the first jewelry includes:

– Additional 10% for the next one (no offer) jewelry
– Polishing, rhodanizing, gilding of the jewelry you have bought.
– You get one-time 50% discount for engraving, in the Personalization Client program
– You become a participant of our planting program in Ukraine #greendaysrl #зеленасиларл
– You become our special client and twice per a year you will receive our books which will be published with a special exclusive content and a QR code in digital format.
– Also automatically you become a participant of a lottery #gevawayrl (read below) which will be hold once per each three month (each new season). You will have a chance to win one of three jewelries from each new collection.

This time the prize is “Pink Flamingos” earrings, “Cannes palm sprouts” earrings or “Cannes Rings” earrings.


#greendaysrl #зеленасиларл #romanlazarfoundation

3% percents of revenues after selling all collection primarily will be spent on landscaping of Ukraine. Fresh air is what we do need living in the concrete jungle!

We were inspired by the greenest cities in the world, such as Singapore, Zurich, Geneva, Copenhagen (Denmark), Curitiba (Brazil), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Amsterdam (The Netherlands)… And many more. There is nothing impossible! And now we are going to tansform all waste grounds, ugly sandlots, areas around houses into oases, balconies into gardens, rooftops into fields etc. We will make Ukrainian cities become the greenest cities in the world.

We are going to do good things and keep you informed if you find time to support us.
Hashtag #greendaysrl will help us to watch each other’s small and big works.
The most active people will be rewarded!
We will be happy to collaborate with companies which share our aims and can help us.
Everything starts in You!

Together we are #зеленасиларл and your #greendaysrl can begin with the contest right now!

With respect to our planet @romanlazar @romanlazarfoundation


The launch dates and instagrampartners will be announced separately. Terms of the draw #gevawayrl:

The launch dates and instagrampartners will be announced separately.

About the collection

Jewelries from the new flagman collection “Exotic – urban” are made for creating vacation mood. Wearing them you will find yourself in the world of tropics, divine places, islands, oceans and good mood. The collection is represented by the date palm leaves made from neat metal, includes Monstera and banana leaves in enamels.

A Pink Flamingo is added as one of embodiments of a dream and means flying to reach the dream. Pink quartz, black onyx, and chrysoprase with black or white diamonds in silver and pink tourmaline with emeralds in gold. The state of deserved beautiful rest is classical as well as all jewelries from the new collection “Exotic – urban” brought Roman Lazar’s muse to Cote d’-Azur. Personal experience, memories, first french visa given 5 days before 64 Cannes Film Festival start and all emotions received and things happened there for 7 days impressed Roman Lazar in 2011. Since then and till today vacations of the workaholic are spontaneous, beautiful and prolific.

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