“Blue ivy” set with blue topaz and diamonds.

“Blue ivy,” a set of chalcedony and blue topaz.

“Blue ivy.”

The new collection of Roman Lazar was created for unique stones – topaz of ice shade from the Volyn deposit.
Especially for the collection, the largest stones were cut by a fantasy author’s cut. “These oval-shaped stones have more facets than the traditional 57 facets of diamond cut. We increased their number in the top part of the stone – the crown. This allows the stones to play in shades, as in a kaleidoscope. And it reminds me how the frozen water shines under the pale blue of the winter sky, “says the designer. Metaphors of water are reflected in the choice of stones: pure topaz in contrast is combined with translucent chalcedony cabochon cut, reminiscent of the folds of ice arctic icebergs.

The basis of the collection is jewelry sets: rings with a large central topaz and earrings with topazes or chalcedony. The collection is limited by the number of large topazes: the designer will make 15 sets. There are products from white gold, decorated with white diamonds, and silver.

The figurative part of the collection is solved with the help of the image of ivy: the leaves wind around the vaults of the ring-ring and fold into flower sockets at the earrings.

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